Rent Your Properties Quickly Through Our Extensive Advertising Campaign

Some property managers charge an extra advertising fee to find you a renter.  Because of our volume and successful marketing strategy, we’re able to offer an unparalleled level of exposure to your rental property at no extra cost to you!

1) Your property will be listed in Multiple Listing Service (MLS), by far the most used service for leasing a home.  The listing for your property will be seen by the public as well as hundreds of realtors who will be able to show your property to their clients.

2) We cooperate with over 200 realtors, who list our rental properties on their websites.

3) There will be a “For Rent” sign placed on your property to attract potential renters (as long as the sign is approved by your Community Association’s regulation).

4) In addition, we list your property on a number of major real estate related websites.  Because of wide exposure, most properties will receive a minimum of 4-5 inquiries each week on average, and a lot more if it is located in a popular neighborhood.

Ludmilla Higuera


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